It’s a Launch!

Boss Moms officially began on February 26, 2017 as a Facebook group where I could introduce all these amazing women I’d been meeting.  They were vibrant, successful, and unabashedly ambitious.  I loved their energy, and wanted them to be my tribe.

They were way different than the Pinterest moms- the Moms that are likely to make elaborate Bento boxes for their kids’ lunch and craft traditional gingerbread houses from scratch for holiday hostess gifts.  Sure, my new Mom friends might have undertaken some Pinterest activities, but they were impressive in different ways.  

These Boss Moms were CEOs and executive directors of big, notable companies and organizations.  They serve on boards- sometimes many boards.  They have side hustles and passion projects.  They are visible, in the news and speaking at conferences.  

So I started this group, and my biggest concern was that we’d get inundated with multi-level marketing offers for skincare and essential oils.  Instead, we started having amazing and valuable conversations like, “how do you stay connected with your kids when you travel?” “what boards are looking for new members and how can I be of service?” “how do I get a book published?”

Most content geared towards us is answering questions the Boss Moms aren’t asking.  For example, we aren’t asking for 10 Easy and Healthy Crockpot Meals but we are asking about the going rate for a house cleaner.  We aren’t arranging outings to get pedicures and drink wine- although, to be fair, that sounds like a splendid way to waste valuable time.  Instead, we’re arranging outings to galas to support other Boss Moms.  

We’re co-working together with a social contract that says we’re going to half work and half chat and no one will be offended when I drop out of a conversation because an important email came through.  And I’m going to ask about what you do and what your side hustles are, and I’m going to introduce you to people who can benefit from what you’re doing and who can help you on your journey.  It’s been honestly beautiful.

I’d love to have you join us!  Join the Newsletter here.  Join the Facebook group here.


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